So far it has been produced eight MH-05 mechanical demining machines.


Until 2011 five machines have been working on demining tasks in BiH. Two machines are owned by BiH Armed Forces, two owned by non governmental organizations in BiH and one owned by the manufacturer. Three machines were manufactured for the purpose of demining in Sudan. All three machines have successfully undergone the testing and were accredited by UN.

Until 2010 in BiH by MH-05 machine was cleared 6.000.000 m2 of mined area.

All MH-05 machines are accredited by Mine Action Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina - BHMAC in accordance with International Mine Action Standards IMAS.

MH-05 machine made by Macrohard Mechanic is listed in Mechanical Demining Equipment Catalogue published by Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining as a combined machine with two replaceable work tools, a tiller and a flail.

Three machines were sold to National Mine Action Centre in Sudan. All three machines have successfully undergone testing, were accredited by UN Mine Action Centre and during the work on demining tasks have shown excellent results.

Machines manufactured for the purpose of humanitarian demining operations in Sudan have been modified in relation to the machines used in BiH. The modification is mainly related to increasing the efficiency of cooling systems to use machine in conditions of high temperatures.

Every year characteristics are being assessed for each individual machine for the purpose of accreditation renewal by BHMAC and has never been any complaints about MH-05 machine. Although in the course of using MH-05 machines activated different mines, none operator has suffered the slightest injury. It has never happened that in the area treated by MH-05 machine remained any undestroyed mine.

All MH-05 machines operating in BiH are being maintained and supplied with spare parts and consumables by Macrohard Mechanic company. Macrohard Mechanic service team has eliminated each breakdown on machines within less than 48 hours after notification.